Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Church of Scientology – 2/5 Stars

Church of Scientology of Los Angeles
Religious Organizations
4810 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90189

Usually when I ignore, shake my head at or say no to sales people, homeless people or marketing people on the street asking me for something, they respond by saying one of four things:

  1. thank you
  2. god bless you
  3. an insult or expletive
  4. you’re welcome

I got not one but three “you’re welcome” responses by three different Scientology recruiters here. I was walking westward on Sunset and as I passed by the first Scientology recruiter, I thought oh shit he’s going to say something, so I looked straight forward and towards the right at the street to not make eye contact. He told me to stop and I kept passing by and then yelled “you’re welcome!” A few seconds later, I saw a second and third recruiter about twenty feet after him. I thought since they saw that I had ignored the first guy they wouldn’t say anything, nope. If I had a change of heart about a fake religion, it would probably not have come from the Scientologist who sarcastically yelled “you’re welcome”! And lo and behold, recruiter number two and three yells “you’re welcome” almost a second apart. I didn’t say anything and kept walking. It was such a bizarre experience that I swore never to walk in front of their gaudy blue hospital-turned-church on Sunset again, at least at around 6 to 8pm.

Man I hate knocking Scientology because it is way too easy but apparently this Scientology center is run like an elementary school and I get not one, but three pitches of sarcasm from brainwashed man-children as I passed each one of them by. Maybe they’re new Scientologists themselves and in the larval stages of development, so their brainwashed minds reflect being in the schoolyard at recess, sticking their tongues out at people who can’t see the ‘Truth’! But this is not just a gripe, as I wanted to write this review in order to see if other people have had this same experience I had while walking on Sunset and warn people about being harassed here. Perhaps if they were trying to save me, then they must have had very poor guidance from a cosmic deity buzzing in their ear about how to successfully suck in new recruits from Sunset.

  • 1 star for having nice (non-recruiting) security guards on Fountain.

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