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Los Angeles based artist offers a conceptual art blog, tutoring, free photo and wallpaper downoads, art portfolio & a PhD dissertation.

The Chris Girard blog offers downloadable conceptual photography via the NINE NINETY-NINE ONLY STORE, poetry, tutoring services, a multimedia art portfolio & a Ph.D. dissertation. The NINE NINETY-NINE ONLY STORE offers free downloadable high-resolution digital fine art prints that can be printed on paper or wallpaper. You will receive a digital copy of your fine art instantly.

Projects by Chris Girard

PhD Thesis - Lambert Publishing
My PhD thesis comes from five years of artistic research and two MFAs in collage poetry. You can purchase this
Street Signs from Camden, London
This multimedia collage installation re-imagines the 'authorial identity' of Sylvia Plath from street signs surrounding Plath's residence.
The NINE NINETY-NINE ONLY STORE offers downloadable high-resolution photography. Download free high-quality photos for wallpaper or prints!
Even as an introvert, it was easy to meet people. I am very attracted to people who have strange and
I am presenting the pretentious selfie as a not-so-pretentious documentary of my past. These selfies began in the early 2000s
Manotenis and Garrabasket
A teacher and I collaborated to create videos using artwork & voice-overs from students in Madrid. Spanish justificantes helped me
Blurry Santa Cruz
All But Dissertation (ABD) is an Edgar Allan Poe inspired story offered in Spanish and English. Santa Cruz is haunted
Red LED Surrealist Photo
Maybe the lens makes a better Photoshop. But every surrealist photo I have made is like writing a poem with
LIKED is a selection of 400 Twitter twaiku poems by Chris Girard from 2011-2017. It's featured in 20 pamphlets by
Winner of the VOTE4ART app, Tectonic Trees by Chris Girard was displayed at Art Spectrum & Red Dot Miami by
Questions to an Answerless Spector
Questions to an Answerless Specter is a book of three & ½ collage poems by Chris/toph Girard with a journey
Shadow/Shadows/Tomb, a video death poem by Chris/toph Girard, runs tombstones on four video screens on a program called Max/MSP/Jitter.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Poem
A tombstone Poem was taken at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The film constitutes engravings found on tombstones from not just celebrities.
This detournement consists of repurposed photographs of street signs that are either cropped or framed from their original regulations.
The Route Throughout is an epic poem self-published by Chris Girard & distributed on a zine in 2003 & turned
Code Poem
Gestalt is a code poem created by using a collage of the codes that run the visual programming language Max/MSP/Jitter
TRY ME. is a series of hypertext poems by Chris/toph Girard translated from spam email. A link to the digital
Collage Poem
Henry's Body: A Thousand Hacks is an audio collage poem made from the all the words taken from poet John
Ten and One Left is a 64-page series of 11 line poems taken and collaged from LiveJournal. This is my
Strength Through Song: Hardcore Documentary
Strength Through Song is a hardcore documentary. It is a look into the 2000s with vegan straight edge members touring
A sleepwalking poem stops the rain from resting
My approach to conceptual writing is through a postmodern exploration of identity with collage. And how we manifest web and

Blog Posts by Chris Girard

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The Enneagram and Myers Briggs can be used on animals. This is a list of the personality types of cats
I answered every OkCupid question ever. Then I data scraped them into this page. Through these questions, I got married
Nokia Flipphone Screen Surrealism (2004)
I am a 5w4 sx/so in the enneagram, which is an assessment system that categorizes personalities into 9 boxes &
I played Duolingo every day for three years. I attended speaking events in LA. Now I am learning Italian for
Sad hipster on Bitlife
I used Bitlife for 10,000 years and after playing many generations worth of people, I discovered many different things about
Blurry Santa Cruz
All But Dissertation (ABD) is an Edgar Allan Poe inspired story offered in Spanish and English. Santa Cruz is haunted
Dark Side of the Moon
This is the dark side of the moon. This is a compilation of open source HTML and CSS I have
No Heart: Learn to Say No to Bad Clients
Let this serve as a warning for freelance or on contract web designers. Be careful! Some clients are good. But
These are my 36 questions by Arthur Aron that provide great questions for conversation starters. As a spouse and LTR