LIKED: Set of 20 Twitter / Twaiku Poems

LIKED is a selection of 400 Twitter twaiku poems by Chris Girard from 2011-2017. It's featured in 20 pamphlets by Death Spiral / Mark So.

LIKED is a chronological selection of 400 Twitter or twaiku poems by Chris(toph) Girard and published by DEATH-SPIRAL. The poems were written and posted on my Twitter handle @Christop between 2011 and 2017. Twenty poems are featured on each set of 20 pamphlets in a hand-numbered facsimile edition of 20. Some of the ‘twaiku’ forms from LIKED include haiku, senryu (the dark haiku), tanka (5 line with rules), gogyohka (5 line freeform), sextet (6 line) and quatrain (4 line) poems. Each type of poem is labeled in its hashtag form. Some are not.

The 20 poems in 20 pamphlets (20 x 20 = 400 poems total) in a limited edition of 20 offers almost the entire oeuvre of poetry that I have written this decade. There is very little poetry that I have otherwise written, let alone published in the 2010s.

Oeuvre — maybe I am some patrician garbage poet like Robert Lowell. Unlike all the real modern American poetry that has been published in extremely ephemeral and endangered forms, all of mine is exclusively or overly attainable. I don’t even have most of it on my computer. But like all those John Wieners pamphlets that were probably not issued in runs of even twenty, whoever the followers of @Christop on Twitter that did ‘like’ them number in less than four or five. Mostly ones, according to Mark So.

twaiku twaiku

Mark So, publisher of DEATH-SPIRAL, compiled 400 of the 1001 tweets published in those eight years, thinks my Twitter poems are beautiful. He thought this way of making them available is beautiful in an oddly suitable way:

I live in a small world, and very fortunate that you have been in it, in part because it made me encounter these poems in a manner I never would have otherwise. I wanted to celebrate their small miracle in the way that I know how. Would you be any less upset if I’d lovingly made just one printout and given it to you? Because I felt that was the nature of the gift, to spend time with them and draw them out of the internet and onto paper, in the world.

Mark So, 2018


The entire set of 20 pamphlets are available here and from DEATH-SPIRAL.

Shipping is included with the price! US shipping only. For international shipping, please correspond with You can request any one booklet for $2 plus shipping by messaging the editor and publisher via email at  mark_so [at] hotmail [dot] com through or through Twitter @_mark_so_.

All proceeds go to the general upkeep and the printing of the next DEATH-SPIRAL!