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Enneagram Personalities of Kittisaurus and Creamheroes Cats
Lala loves DD.

Enneagram Personalities of Kittisaurus and Creamheroes Cats

The Enneagram and Myers Briggs personality assessment can be used on animals. Both are methods of identifying personality inclinations, like extroversion, introversion, thinking, feeling, perceiving, and judging. I have been watching Kittisaurus on YouTube (formerly Creamheroes). This is a list of the personality types of Claire Luvcat and all of her cats (except the two kittens) from Kittisaurus on YouTube.

Claire Luvcat – ENFJ 2w3

Claire Luvcat, aka the Butler, is a human who usually you hear speaking in Korean to her cats and sometimes in her high school English to her many American viewers. I think of Claire Luvcat like Jon from Garfield. I think if I was her neighbor, I would worry about her. Her neighbors probably hear her talk to herself all the time with nobody responding back. She has dedicated her life to taking care of all ten of her cats by herself. Every day she has to groom some of them, give some of them a bath, trim some of their nails, clean hair from the couch or rug, feed them, give them supplements, play with them, film them, edit the film and most importantly take them to the doctor. It’s a very full-time job!

It is rare for humans to come into her apartment and she seems quite neurotic when someone comes to her apartment as she is quite concerned with them carrying germs or getting the cats sick or dirty. She made sure one popular YouTuber in Korea washed his hands before touching the cats. She has a rather nice personality. And I can see her as being very likable and popular with humans as well based on her affection towards the cats. But she probably rejects a lot of people from her life because she chooses to be with cats over humans. She keeps her face hidden and rarely features family members on her channel. She doesn’t seem to date, although I can imagine a lot of people would like to date her, but she has dedicated her life to being a cat lady.

Lulu (•̀A•́) – ENFP 7w6

Lulu is the most popular cat on Kittisaurus because of his looks and antics. He is the reason why -I- began watching this channel. He is a munchkin cat that often stands on his tiny hind legs like a meercat. He has a cleft palate, which makes his mouth look like he is showing constant disapproval, surprise, or fear in a cute way. And he has big expressive eyes that make him look especially surprised or as if he is scheming.

The other cats, particularly the other male cats, don’t like him so much. Chuchu likes him, and sometimes Lala does too, but usually only because Lala wants to be groomed. Lulu seems to not care or mind what the other cats think of him and grooms everyone to his own liking and satisfaction. Lulu definitely steps over everyone’s boundaries as he is oblivious to the concept of personal boundaries or just doesn’t care. Maybe he has cat autism? Lulu is oblivious at how self-centered he is when he jumps to get food or how annoyed the cats are at him when he grooms them. Lulu is definitely not a team player; he is incredibly active, steals the show, and loves the camera, and the camera loves him, more than the other cats.

TT – ISFJ or INFJ 1w2

TT is only loyal to Claire Luvcat and she especially loves Claire Luvcat. TT is in a platonic relationship with Claire, whether Claire feels like it’s mutual or not. TT gets very jealous or upset when Claire ignores her in favor of other cats or is gone for too long. TT was one of the first cats Claire has taken care of and is always sleeping in her bed. Claire seems to allow her in her bed more than the other (hairier) cats. TT is not interested in ANY of the other cats. They all get in the way of her relationship with Claire. TT also seems to prefer humans in general as she is often more interactive and friendly to humans than cats. TT had a traumatic childhood with being sick and got herpes, which subsequently made her left eye more cloudy and darker. It seemed to strengthen her loyalty and devotion to Claire, who took care of her. I consider her to have a strange intuitive connection to Claire as TT often understands everything Claire is saying. TT also is a strange empath to human expressiveness, she shares her emotions with Claire, like sulking out of jealousy or loneliness, but also seems to understand far more of how Claire is feeling than any of the other cats.

DD – XSTJ 9w8 or 8w9

DD was born to be a peaceful earthy lap cat but was given a crazy family. He isn’t inclined to move except when provoked and he is often provoked. He gets along with almost all of the other cats (except sometimes Lulu) and is possibly the alpha cat. Since he took care of Lala as a kitten, he sees her as a grown-up kitten, and thus friendzoned her and only likes her as a friend. He likes being mellow and watching the action but is often put into the action due to him being -too- mellow to run away and hide. It gets him involved in situations he necessarily doesn’t want to be in. He hangs out in places he shouldn’t be in.

Coco – INTP 9w1

Coco looks like a fluffy white lion and acts as a lone wolf. He doesn’t seem to care much for any of the cats, but not in a particularly negative way. He is neutral and is just rolls with the flow with everyone. He tolerates Claire as much as he does any of the cats. He has no strong likes or dislikes of anyone. He is very sportsman-like and likes physical and mental challenges a lot. Claire calls him “The Scientist” because of his objective interest in what’s going on. He looks very cute in a tie and often would have been given a voice to give an unbiased account of what’s going on like a news reporter. But unlike a news reporter, he doesn’t like the camera and stays behind Claire’s white opaque curtain, hoping to stay camouflaged. It usually works.

Lala – ESFP 7w6 or 3w4

Lala is a very beautiful white munchkin cat with short legs and a big fluffy tail. Since she is so short and fluffy, she looks like a puffy cloud. She loves being close to the action and going after treats like Lulu. She is very adventurous but at the same time gets easily frightened. She wants to do everything that the long-legged cats can do, and got once was unable to get down from a high place due to her short legs. Like most white cats, she knows she is fancy, and is a bit self-absorbed and often seeks others to groom her while she grooms herself. She is in love with DD, even though he sees her as a child.

Momo – ISTJ 5w6

Momo’s voice given by Claire is hilarious. He is a grumpy curmudgeon and holds a constant scowl. He looks like an orange pug. He is less serious than he leads others to believe. What is funny about Momo is that even though he looks unapproachable, Momo is a ladies cat. He especially is fond of his first love Lala, who is mostly unimpressed with his antics and hits him with her tiny leg. Lala is in love with DD, who still sees Lala as a kitten. Momo likes being patted on his rear and he is often found hanging out in the sheltered kitty litter box, often for a longer time than it takes to poop.

Chuchu – ISFJ 2w1

It’s hard to tell what Chuchu is like behind her ball of hair. She seems to hide behind her hair and is quite shy. Chuchu gravitates towards Lulu because he is brave and helps get her out of her shell. Whether Chuchu feels romantic towards Lulu, that’s uncertain. Chuchu doesn’t seem to like or dislike anyone, but it seems she likes Lulu, because Lulu helps her be more brave and assertive. Chuchu reminds us that when we’re really shy, it’s difficult to get out of your comfort zone by ourselves and it helps to have more outgoing friends to lean on. I believe that Chuchu is the only cat that really appreciates what Lulu offers.

Nana – ESFJ 2w3

Nana is the mother cat and is likely the most worldly of all of the cats. She has faced the cruel outside world head on and has had the hardest life of all of the cats. She was rescued from being euthanized at a shelter with her two kittens, which means she was possibly homeless or at least in a very unstable situation when she was put in a shelter. She interacts quite easily with strangers, as is shown when she was at the hospital and wasn’t shy at all around the two hospital cats, unlike Claire’s other cats. Since she has had a tough life, she seems to carry with her a sense of gratitude about being with Claire. She is mature, wise and hasn’t been shown fighting with any of the other cats and tries to get along with everyone. She is also protective of her kittens, but reasonably so, and allows the kittens to socialize with the cats. She seems to like DD.

The Kittens: Toto, Dodo – ??

These two kittens look alike to me and I can’t physically distinguish them. One of the cats is more extroverted, gregarious and mischievous than the other cat. One has a marking on the forehead that the other does not. Whatever. The gregarious cat seems to be the leader and the other cat follows. They have quickly turned into big cats from the beginning to the end of Summer 2020, but for now, the kittens are too young to have a proper Enneagram and Myers-Briggs assessment.

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