VOTE4ART Winner: Hacking an App

Winner of the VOTE4ART app, Tectonic Trees by Chris Girard was displayed at Art Spectrum & Red Dot Miami by Artbox Projects during Art Basel.

Tectonic Trees was a winner of Artbox Projects’ VOTE4ART mobile app. Artbox Projects, a booth hosted by Art Spectrum and Red Dot Miami during Art Basel displayed Tectonic Trees twice an hour on their television screen. Art Basel is a massive event for artists that happens in Miami during the first week of December. And it holds many events like Art Spectrum and Red Dot that are spread out through Miami and Miami Beach. While I am very happy to have participated in this event and submit my artwork to the mobile app, watch out for Artbox Projects!

Artbox Projects accept thousands of artists’ submissions for their booth! And displays thousands of these artwork submissions on a single television screen. Hence, they made a LOT of money. Displaying artwork as a slideshow on one tv means that it takes about 30 minutes for the artwork to appear again.


Chris Girard, VOTE4ART winner, at Artbox Projects during Art Basel.

The above photo by Scott Redinger-Libolt / RedPhoto shows an artist who came all the way from Italy and I getting to know each other very well as we were both waiting on the couch for our artworks to appear. I thought maybe there was some type of random algorithm function but it seems to just be ordered by the last name of each of the artist, kind of… I was waiting for Girard to appear, but somehow the order of the artworks began with those with the last letter H. Her last name began with T, so she was done in 15 minutes.


The VOTE4ART app, which doesn’t exist now, was displayed at the very front of the Artbox Projects booth during the Art Spectrum and Red Dot event. The app offers a similar feature to the actual installation. It’s a slideshow of photos and users can vote for their favorites. So I downloaded the app and submitted my artwork. I was determined to make up the money I spent on submitting my application and the flight, and win.

Tectonic Trees won. How so? Well I hope that it’s because it’s a pretty killer photograph. But not really. I promoted VOTE4ART on my Twitter handle @Christop early and told my coworkers to download the app early. But I also hacked the app because nobody is going to continuously vote. The app was a pretty cool and simple idea, but you can make an unlimited amount of user accounts from fake email addresses. You get three votes once a day on each account. And people vote. The slideshow interface of the app works makes it very difficult to see everything. It takes a longer and longer time to go through everything as more and more people submit. I suggest that anyone else who wants to win $500 to do this early. That $500 I got went to recuperating that fraudulent art ‘experience’ of having this photograph displayed two times an hour from Artbox.Projects. Here is the winner announcement and the thousands of likes on VOTE4ART’s Facebook page.

Tectonic Trees can be purchased as a high resolution downloadable photo here.