A Portfolio of Open Source HTML That Would Otherwise Be Lost

This is the dark side of the moon. This is a compilation of open source HTML and CSS I have done for ART645 at Los Angeles City College.

This is the dark side of the moon. This post is a compilation of HTML webpages I’ve done in ART 645 aka Intro to Web Design by professor and conceptual artist extraordinaire Eugene Ahn at Los Angeles City College in Spring 2018. I took this course mostly for fun. I played with HTML and CSS since I messed around with my own koos.org/chris webpage on the Koo’s Cafe website formerly in Santa Ana in 2001.

I was taking Spanish classes at the time at the college and wanted to pick up some new skills. The intent of this website was initially to serve as a portfolio piece for everything I have completed so far in this course. The objective was to keep myself and the audience of ‘myself’ organized. And myself to have the ability – as well as for others – to see what I’ve completed in the future.

Since this website is central to being part of a course on coding, the audience has this webpage as part of an entire compendium of open source HTML and CSS.

Please take stuff that inspires you to use for future webpages.

Chris/toph Girard

Web Designer/Artist/Poet
5217 Hollywood Blvd. LA 90027

Bio by Irene Shebeko
Bio by Joanna Guevara

2/15: Tumblr and Website Quilt
2/20: 180220 – Assignment
2/20: Profile of Irene Shebeko
2/20: Profile of Joanna Guevara
2/22: Assessment Practice
2/27: Chris, Irene and Joanna’s Improvement List
2/27: 5 Different Websites Quilt
3/1: CSS Class Assignment
3/6: Business Card
3/8: Chris, Irene, Joanna (CIJ) – Website Improvement
3/8: Transparent GIF
3/13: Muybridge Moose GIF
3/15: CSS ID Exercises
3/22: Landing Page
3/22: Landing Page Notes

3/27: Twitter Ad for Landing Page
3/27: Instagram Ad for Landing Page
4/10: Div and Span Examples
4/12: Types of DIVs (And Z-index)
4/19: Final Project Specifications
4/24: JavaScript Lesson

4/26: JavaScript Lesson 2
5/2: Chris Girard is in ART645
5/8: Sitemap

5/17: Foundation Package

5/24: Marquee Example

5/24: iFrame Example