Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Clean and Done – 2/5 Stars

Clean & Done!
Home Cleaning, Home Organization, Personal Chefs
Los Angeles, CA 91607

I really don’t mind the actual job that their cleaner Ahmad did. But my partner is LIVID that Ahmad didn’t listen to the instructions he was given on thoroughly cleaning the floors and spending less time on the easier non-‘deep cleaning’ work like wiping down furniture and counters. Ahmad instead spent an hour and 40 minutes on wiping down stuff and 20 minutes on quickly mopping for their, as described on their site, 2-N-1 ‘deep cleaning’. I told my partner that he should have been on the cleaner more from the start. So lesson learned: if you want a specific chore done, tell them to do that very thing first!

After my partner complained to Clean & Done, their stance is to defend the cleaner and blame the client for ‘grossly underestimating’ what two hours of cleaning a 300 square foot studio apartment constitutes. I had to hear my partner vent all last night about how management blamed him. I’m like baby shut up, they write obnoxious responses to everyone. However they offered free 15 minutes of service next time as an acknowledgment that Ahmad should have listened better.

My problem with this business is not the cleaning or the owner responses but that they basically are an on-demand service with very, very few stable contract workers. When I purchased the Groupon, I immediately signed up for the service on their website. You sign up for a time slot on their website that you’re probably not going to get. When you don’t get the time slot you initially requested, they make you text or email them your alternate availability, since they don’t have an online system set up for this, unlike Cozy Maid’s system. Each time a time slot that you requested is not fulfilled, you get more texts and emails about them not being able to secure staff. I received eight of these messages. They apparently have no staff during the entire weekday who want to work mornings in the middle of LA (Hollywood). I spent a week and a half receiving these texts and emails until they gave me an available time slot for a weekday afternoon that I DIDN’T say I have availability for, but I was so desperate to get anyone to do this job, I begged my partner to do me the favor and sit for this guy.

It makes a lot of sense now that the owner and management are so defensive of their workers because they have so few of them to begin with! They probably are scared to death of nobody cleaning for them if they rebuke them for doing a shoddy job or not listening. If you know of anyone who is looking for a job, you should probably suggest they work for this business! You set your own hours and nobody will blame you for being lackadaisical as long as you’re wiping something!

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