Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Downtown Beds – 4/5 Stars

Downtown Beds
Isabel la Católica 30
06000 México, D.F.

  • Downtown Beds is located at the butt end of a 17th-century palace. It’s got its own three-story space with a sub-courtyard. Jesters, black sheep aristocrats, and shackled infidels probably lived and died back here.
  • The hostel offers free bicycles to use during the day (bring your own lock).
  • Cooler, 20 to 30-something crowd, and more local vibe.
  • I got my own room for 99% of the time until an employee wanted to take a siesta in a bed next to mine.
  • Since it’s connected to an ultra-deluxe hotel, the hot water stays hot!
  • Cool main room with long futon couches and projector.

  • Sadly operated by Hostelling International, which kind of standardizes (Americanizes) the hotel’s offerings. It comes with the typical H.I. breakfast fare of jam, bread, coffee, and bananas. They also offer Jumex juices.

  • The Spaniards must have been scared of Indian arrow attacks because these 17th-century walls will survive a dozen apocalypses and still be left standing; the building is heavily fortified with solid concrete, brick and rock so the wifi is impossible to penetrate any of the rooms outside of the main room.
  • Beware of establishments in Mexico offering private car services in lieu of taxis! They have their own private car service. I asked the front desk for a taxi and they gave me a private car. It was 200 pesos to ride to the airport from here in one of their private red cars. If you’re not afraid of using their taxis, it would be at least 100 pesos cheaper to go outside and hail a taxi.
  • Weird disconnection between the ultra-fancy hotel, restaurant, shops, and this hostel. I felt like a peasant on board the Titanic!

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