My Best Yelp Reviews: Eyetailor – 5/5 Stars

$$ Eyewear & Opticians
4310 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

I -never- seek coming to Eyetailor. It looks like any other stylish glasses shop. But they’re particularly amazing because whenever I warp or misplace parts of my glasses or sunglasses, they are always ready to fix it.

This all stared with a pair of Christian Dior aviator sunglasses from like 2007. Remember the big aviator sunglass craze of yesteryear?! Wherever the $400 that went into making a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses at the time, not much of it went into the soldering of hinges or the testing of them. So the faulty hinge mechanism couldn’t hold its weight against the heavy metal sunglasses, and then the metal that held the screw in would begin to warp and break off.

Well any-who, the owner Sung sung wonders into those frames and they held up for a couple of more years and didn’t break again before they went out of style. And many years later, another guy helped me out with un-warping a pair of glasses that got smushed in my bag. The messed up frame around the lens nearly blinded my left eye and gave me headaches. He spent 30 minutes on this issue, even while a couple of other demanding customers kept asking him questions about their glasses in the display case. He fixed my glasses first and then cleaned them before helping someone else out. So for him not leaving me high and dry for a sale, I give an applause.

I cannot speak much for their glasses in the display cases, but they have nicer and more stylish glasses than an optometrist would. All I know is that they helped me throughout the years with chronic and not-so-chronic issues. They charge $10 for every fix and really made something not-so-great so great.

Useful: 10  Funny:Cool: 0