Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: fōnuts – 4/5 Stars (Formerly 2/5 Stars)

fōnuts – Los Angeles
$$ Donuts, Gluten-Free, Vegan
8104 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Updated review

I’ve been coming here more often – twice since the two-star – because the basic vanilla vegan donut is incredibly good and fresher! I forget what I had that first time, but I believe it was BLUE. As a rule of thumb, I am staying away from being adventurous with donuts because I get seriously autistic about donuts tasting like things that I don’t expect them to be. It freaks me out.

Their cold brew is also deliciously floral coffee from Lame-ill. The cafe is very empty, but I like it empty.

The barista/managerista is nice.

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Previous review

(Puts fōnut in mouth.)

Hmmm… hmmm… mmm? AAAGH! STALE, stale, stale, crumbly, dry tongue is unhappy, tongue is unhappy… (pressing lips against tongue to get donut crumbs off of it.)

That was basically my reaction and then the spitting of the donut along the gutters between the sidewalk and 3rd since there wasn’t a garbage can in front. Expensive, AWFUL vegan/gluten-free donut place. I partially knew I was gonna be let down when I came into the gray vacant hole of this space and there were only like ten donuts to choose from.

Probably modeled after the same clowns who run Baby Cakes on Larchmont. At least I know I won’t be getting hives, nausea, or a stuffy nose from these $4 wheatless O’s. Why can’t LA be more like Portland with regards to vegan/gluten-free donuts?

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