Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Health Net – 1/5 Stars

Health Net
21281 Burbank Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

It’s like this, you sign up for poor people health care. They have two options to which insures your poor person health care: Health Net or the LA one. They both don’t sound great but Health Net seems to have more closer options. Fine. I signed up. It was easy, and I received a welcome letter from Health Net.

Somehow a few months after that – I find a ton of Health Net advertisements. Like, almost as regularly as seeing ‘Got Milk?’ was in the 90s. Instead of getting better doctors or making healthcare more affordable, the money being sent to them is helping make home video fails (guy falling off trampoline) for their YouTube ‘when accidents happen, Heath Net is on your side!’ advertisements. Or the old-fashioned way – plastered advertisements at every bus stop from Santa Monica to Sunset in Los Angeles. This has been throughout the year.

So my questions are:

Why are you advertising?
Where are you getting all of this advertising money from?
Could this advertising money made a difference to thousands of people if you didn’t spend it on advertising a video of a guy falling off a trampoline?

This is insane ostentation. I feel like I should have stuck to the LA option if money that’s supposed to be going for my healthcare is being funneled out to make stupid advertisements. Perhaps in a more nicely Republican way – the generous CEOS are allowing for a reduction in their yearly raises to fund these cute advertisements for great healthcare insurance. I mean it’s not like there are a plethora of options for health care insurance for people like me – two checkboxes.

It’s a disgusting display of how much money Health Net – and more broadly insurance companies – have on their hands to throw around. I honestly hope to see them shut down within my lifetime.

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