Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Hostelling International – 4/5 Stars

Hostelling International
1436 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA 90401

I hate getting to know people. It’s always cliche. Australians – in the 30+ hostels I’ve stayed at, I always meet Australians. They love living in hostels. They’re always bisexual because their continent is boring. I had sex with one in the bottom bunk bed once. And then in a shower. It was really small. A lot of them are bi.

I’ve stayed here enough times to warrant a solid review. Couches are on every floor. The en-suite bathroom is not as great as the outdoor one, which means save the five extra dollars per night and shower from the bathroom in the hallways. Chances of meeting an Australian there are great.

I’ve also stayed at hosteling internationals in San Francisco and Portland and this is the better of the hostels. It is spacious and clean. I hate feeding the beast because hosteling international sucks for monopolizing all of the hostels in America. But they’ve got good coffee! They’ve also got a good breakfast, which includes canned peaches, good coffee, orange juice, bread or mini-bagels, jam and cereal.

This is a $50/night and over hostel ($38/night base + $9 tax + $3/night non-member fee + $5/night optional upgrade). I think the non-$5/night upgrade also earns your room three or four extra beds. It is expensive as hell for a hostel but it is six minutes walking distance to the Santa Monica Pier. I stay here every time I work in Santa Monica. I use my passport because I probably otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to stay there. The website explicitly states that Los Angeles county residents are not welcome.

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