Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: India’s Restaurant – 5/5 Stars

India’s Restaurant
$$ Indian, Halal, Seafood
4366 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Purchased a Yelp Deal

Omnivores, please stop mentioning restaurants having vegetarian options that you didn’t actually order. Yelp is dumb and basically highlights the input from the search function if it finds any word that says vegetarian in a search. So nine out of ten of my highlighted search results for vegetarian or vegan go something like this:

Goofus M: 5/5

This meat masala is SOOO good, mmmm the tenderness of their juicy chicken titillates my tongue, oh and the fresh meatball-textured kofta is like a hot spicy ball of blood in my mouth, oh yes and the seafood salad, YES!!! Reminds me of being on the fucking Ramganga River in India eating these HUGE fresh catfish we caught last year. OH GOD YES their meat is soooo tender, meat blah blah blah blah, they appear to have vegetarian options too.

Duh. We are in LA so there are vegetarian options everywhere. Everywhere. Unless some restaurant is culturally on Mars, there is something a little more hearty than salad offered. Please, it is not necessary to add the caveat of there are vegetarian items that you didn’t try on the menu! Nobody, especially a vegetarian, cares to read about the vegetarian items that you saw but didn’t try. It adds nothing to the review of the titillating meat dish you did eat. And your meat reviews are probably less interesting than the example I conjured up.

Okay, with that being out of my system, I came here for dinner thanks to a Yelp deal. I had something amazing, very spicy, freshly prepared, and dun dun dun is not only vegetarian, it’s vegan. First we got the alu (vegetable) samosas, there were two that were made with potatoes, peas and vegetables that were served with an incredible mint chutney that tasted like it was blended and made to order. I actually enjoyed the chutney more than the samosas, which I was surprised by. The Baingan Bharta (roasted eggplant curry) is bangin’ good. The eggplant is freshly roasted and prepared perfectly with spices; and has an incredible texture that went perfectly with the vegetable biryani. The vegetables in the biryani were also very fresh. My partner had the malai kofta, which was I hear was also very good.

All in all: this is a great place. The furniture was nicely spaced out and served a perfect intimate setting for Los Angeles. The service was attentive. The server tried to engage us in a conversation with awkward consequences but at least he tried. He threw himself into a whirlwind of a weird existential conversation we were having and opened the door for us before we left.

Useful: 13  Funny:Cool: 3