Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Masa of Echo Park – 5/5 Stars

Masa of Echo Park
$$ Pizza
1800 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

A couple of weeks ago there was a drunk driver that made a sudden turn from Sunset to Lemoyne and slammed into the sidewalk area in front of Masa. He or she took down a big tree, a bike rack, a mailbox, and a street sign; and was able to continue speeding away. That awful accident reminded me that I needed to finally eat here. So a day or two later, my friend and I jumped over the fallen tree, which was still laying there, and tried the 45-minute-long preparation time vegan deep dish pizza for two people.

It was an incredible goo of their own non-Daiya cheese, some kind of vegan cheese I’ve never tried before, and certainly more delicious than the two vegan pizzas that Two Boots puts out. It was big enough for three or four people to finish actually. It came on a tin and was an inch to two inches high. Actually, if I was hungrier at the time, I might have been able to finish more and not leave three slices left on the tin.

The pizza just takes a really, really long time to make! I wouldn’t substitute deliciousness for a speedier pizza in this instance. So come here with someone else who you can talk to for that long. It’s probably better for a date but I was with a childhood friend with 15 years’ worth of stories to potentially discuss over dinner. The service was fine and the dining experience was fine. The price is also pretty reasonable. It came out to $25 including a tip for two people.

Useful:Funny:Cool: 3