Chris G’s Best Reviews: Mel Pierce Camera – 2/5 Stars

Mel Pierce Camera – CLOSED
$$ Photography Stores & Services
5645 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I am ‘lolling’ at some of the reviews about the jerk-ish staff. Mario, brother of photo-Luigi, tell your crew if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

I actually was greeted here. And THEN snubbed. If it wasn’t for my lack of having intimate knowledge of lighting equipment, I would not have had any problems! Alas I did not know about the world of camera strobes instantaneously enough for the guy to not get annoyed after greeting me. Yeah I still don’t know the type of strobe I need.

I was just looking. And mustering something to say about the strobe I wanted because he walked from around the counter looking at me looking at lighting equipment.

“What can I help you with?”
“I’m looking for a strobe.”
“What kind of strobe.”
“I don’t know. One kind of like this one, but maybe this one. I don’t know! I’m looking.”
“You need to be more prepared.”

He walks away. Like the scowling old curmudgeon at the record store, I was treated like a dreaded Lookie Lou. Hi, it’s the 2010s and stores are like Tinder/Grindr, shoppers like me are fickle assholes looking and not quickly committed to buying.

It would be a surprise if they make it to the end of the 2010s because being a Lookie Lou here isn’t very fun either. The place is pretty small and the selection is probably as good as an average photo place in a Montana college town. Hell – slight improvements from digital equipment behind the counter, it’s all the same small photo store kind of stuff. But they have been in business long enough to outlive their neon sign. I would come here if I needed something I can quickly get, but Samy’s has my photo equipment business and Freestyle has my CF card business. I totally was sold a busted RC-6 remote control here years back, but luckily they exchanged it.

All in all, snubbish and – unless if an emergency – not enough supplies to keep me coming back. Wish I wasn’t greeted at all.

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