Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Strommen – 4/5 Stars

Tutoring Centers, Language Schools
3171 Los Feliz Blvd. Ste 314
Los Angeles, CA 90039

I really like the Spanish tutor I met from Strømmen. I’ve almost finished my twenty lesson package with him, which is a really good deal at around $30 per hour session. He is incredibly intense, respectful and helpful. I have subsequently enrolled at LACC and have been taking Spanish classes there. I have gotten an A in Spanish 3 because of him and am taking Spanish 4 now and am keeping up. I recommend taking their private tutoring with either a class or a project in mind because the level of intensity is on the students’ court. The hour of tutoring is on theirs.

Anyway, he’s exempt from the rest of this review!

What I don’t like is that I tried since 2016 to take one of the group intermediate/advanced Spanish conversation classes held around the corner from where I live in Los Feliz. They’re -always- booked or simply not offered. I contacted the teacher who was wrapping up the class at the time and told me he’d get back to me after he got back from Argentina and never did. It seems to me like the same people who’ve already taken the conversation course are given priority to enroll in this class over and over again and once it’s full, it’s full.

It’s a shame for them as I enrolled at LACC because of that. I am moving to Spain later this year hopefully. I am very afraid of not being able to speak at the caliber that I can with English. I don’t want to get by on small talk as I hate small talk in English. Lol. So I am trying to have these intellectually articulate conversations with words and ways of speaking that I have no idea how to translate into Spanish! I would shelve $$$ for a class like this due to my lack of confidence if I hadn’t discovered LACC basically offers Spanish conversation classes every semester that I can take for free as an LA resident.

They have a tiny office in Los Feliz/Atwater and they’re physically there. They respond back promptly. They’ve got some good tutors in my experience but they need to give priority to new people for the group conversation classes!

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