Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Saddleback College – 4/5 Stars

Saddleback College
Colleges & Universities
28000 Marguerite Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

One of the most common things I overheard in suburban community colleges are rash plans for the future. “I’m planning on transferring to Berkeley after I make a 3.5 GPA and finish classes in …!” Four years later you find them at Saddleback. And Berkeley changed to CSU Fullerton. And 3.5 changed to barely a 2.7.

If you don’t move out of Orange County two years after high school, you will stay in Orange County for good. You become the manager of In-N-Out and all your best friends have children. Saddleback will stick to you like jelly to bread.

Saddleback is a decent place to go if you like jelly. Highlights of my time here include:

  1. Me running over two traffic cones and dragging them underneath my car on campus, not realizing they were underneath my car until somebody pointed.

  2. Me skipping three lectures per night class (on average) every semester to go see shows and managing to pass all classes with a flying 2.7 GPA.

  3. Me writing, editing and photographing for the school newspaper.

  4. Me driving too fast on campus and a cop bluffing to give me a ticket even though he had no proof I was speeding. Way to flaunt authority campus police.

  5. Me being the proud alumni of Mr. Lamb’s first photography class he’s ever taught. We had our final at his art studio in Laguna Beach. (I WAS a community college surrealist.)

  6. Me walking from the Mission Viejo Mall parking lot the first two weeks of class each Semester before enough people dropped out to find parking on campus.

  7. Me knowing a few people besides myself who transferred out of Saddleback. I still wonder about the rest of you.

My advice: Take the eight-week GE classes Saddleback offers and DON’T drop classes. That’s if you actually plan to one day leave Saddleback. Majority won’t.

Useful: 14  Funny: 21  Cool: 7