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San Francisco, California


Scoops – CLOSED
$ Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
712 N Heliotrope Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Oh man, it’s rare when I can say six years later that I still enjoy a place as equally as I did back in the 2000s.

Their vegan oreo ice cream is my favorite. It has a rich and chunky texture of Oreos mixed into the ice cream. Their ice cream is usually sufficiently hard and if it is too soft, it too easily will spilleth from my cone. Some guy handed me soft ice cream one day last month, and I was paying, which balancing soft ice cream from a cone with getting change resulted in a scoop of ice cream falling on the counter. I was totally about to re-scoop the fallen ice cream from the counter with the sugar cone, as I have licked grosser things in the past but he totally gave me another cone of ice cream, woot. Just to mention too that anything of theirs that is infused with maple syrup is my least favorite, as I find maple-flavored ice cream kind of gross and overly sweet.

The Asian woman who works here during the day usually gives me a really profound death stare.* One of the last times I saw her, some couple who were her friends came in and she hooked them up with free ice cream. Since hooking friends up with free ice cream means not having to walk over to the register, her smiles suddenly turned to a death stare when they merrily walked off and she saw me behind them. For some reason, either I didn’t chew the fat at some point enough or wasn’t chirpy or jocular but that cunt hates my guts. I’d rather go around the plexiglass and scoop the ice cream myself and ring myself up on their ancient cash register. I wish that artsy owner guy who graduated from Cal Arts was around during the day, he seems funny and weird but he has the death stare standing in his place.

Removed 7/29/2018