Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Straight to The Point Piercing – 4/5 Stars

Straight to The Point Professional Piercing
$$ Piercing, Jewelry
2807 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716

I waited two months to review my nipple piercing experience. I found the results are great! In fact, I am seriously considering posting a picture of my new 14g stainless steel barbells to show how good they look but only so few people would want to see detailed pictures of hairy pierced man nipples.

I was biking up and down Speedway Blvd in Tucson and stumbled upon this shop. The guy who owns this shop was eating lunch and I inquired to him about piercing my nipples. He said he can do this and to come back in a few hours. I did. The entire procedure took fifteen maybe twenty minutes and it cost less than or about $100, which was more than other places but worth it. The place felt like a sterile doctor’s office with zen-like quietness and minimal furniture. The experience of piercing my nipples was not as painful as I’d expect either.

I am impressed with his method of piercing with a type of plastic surgical tubing that heals up faster than the more traditional surgical steel. Everything healed up within a month of him putting them in because things heal faster with plastic!

While the piercer/owner from Portland was nice enough and I received a thank-you card (which was accidentally mailed to my neighbor who then knew of my piercings), it is perhaps in my cynicism to be averse to receiving advice from a self-proclaimed ‘life coach’.

Since we were physically close to each other as he would need to be when piercing, we struck up a conversation. We talked about why I was there (academic reasons) and like most people who have recently finished their college or postgrad degrees, I was confused about what to do next and told him I was working the same exact music venue kind of job I did at 18 before I went to college. This is when the life-coaching began to shine through…

He took a patronizing stance that sounded antagonistic about going to college and it getting in the way often with what people really want to do in life. While I can agree with this position in essence, thanks for reinforcing this fear I already have that I wasted ten years on my life! He didn’t get his degree and told me he went on to be a successful shopkeep while making tons of money, but sticking to his passion of piercing. I mean, fuck… It made me feel like I didn’t have my life together, but at least I got nice piercings!

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