Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Sushi Love Boat Kaisen – 5/5 Stars

Sushi Love Boat Kaisen
$$ Sushi Bars, Japanese
33215 Temecula Pkwy
Temecula, CA 92592

I really detest this glorified gas station town. I hate that my family fit in really well with the religious demographic that lives here. My family is the type that believes bad juju would happen if someone who’s unmarried sleeps in the same bed with someone else. Little sisters would get raped, god would instantaneously stop laying on the clouds atop of the Vatican and HOVER OVER MILLIONS OF STARVING PEOPLE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TO SHAKE HIS CONDEMNING FINGER AT MY PARENTS’ MCMANSION IN TEMECULA. And then it’s 100 degrees.

My family is new to the neighborhood and live less than a mile away from this sushi bar. A couple of years ago, they bought a million dollar foreclosure (listed at 1/3 of the original price) that was once a party house by some guy who owned an accounting company that went under during the height of the recession. My mom painted one of the little girls’ bedrooms gray and turned it into a storage closet.

Almost all of the neighbors who bought these million dollar houses in 2005 have since abandoned their houses too. By abandoning their houses, I mean the insides are gutted before the banks take them over, and the front lawns become progressively brown. And yet this posh sushi place (posh for Temecula) seems to stay in business for longer than a couple of years. Impressive. I am really surprised this gem of a sushi place is, well, really good, for such a crappy and depressed town. The portions are incredibly huge. I always get avocado rolls because the avocado is incredibly fresh. My mom gets bento boxes, with tempura. My dad gets salmon and tuna sushi which looks fresh. Everything is fresh and the service is always consistent. The waitresses apparently always ask for me. Not really.

Everyone gets a slice of orange at the end of their meals!

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