Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Sweet! – 2/5 Stars

Sweet! – CLOSED
$$ Candy Stores, Pop-up Shops
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I was looking to do Valentine’s Day present shopping early so I came here. The first time I came at 10:15am and it wasn’t open. The second time I came at 7pm and it was empty and perhaps closing down. It reminded me of being bored at The Disney Store when I was young with parents trying to kill time. It’s incredibly gimmicky and it’s got a very mountainous and colorful terrain of candy – a psychedelic equivalent of the candy that you’d find at Ralph’s or the drug store. Nothing stood out as interesting or vegan.

I have a non-vegan partner who likes chocolate so I came here to make a couple of do-it-yourself chocolate bars in a glass-encased kitchen manned by 15-year-old chocolatiers. I made two dark chocolates: I used raspberry filling with blueberries. The second I used Nutella (listed as chocolate hazelnut spread) filling on the second with tiny marshmallows, bananas and toffee bits.

I wanted to substitute tiny marshmallows with marshmallow fillings and the teenager was like no that absolutely can’t be done. Their rules for no substitutions are incredibly strict – with warnings on the walls, the order forms and the window. I can see people wanting to hang out and do substitutions all the time because this store is a bit of a tourist trap, but this place is supposed to be fun. So why not let us eat our damn cake? I have nothing else to say except mind the Yelp check-in deal. Apparently nobody uses it to order chocolates and I confused the guy upon presenting it to him. But it saves you an entire dollar upon buying two of these chocolate bars.

He told me it would take 30 minutes and before I could ask if I can leave and come back, he closed the window. I said hey! He either couldn’t hear me or was possibly ignoring me as he was doing the bars. But there is really no way to call these people unless they physically see you at the window or knock on the window. Since I was the only person in this chocolate lab with tables that had no seats for waiting and a large figurine of the Pillsbury dough boy around no trespassing tape, I assumed I didn’t have to stand there for 30 minutes and left. Upon coming back, I see a striped bag behind the window and assumed it was mine. I stood in front of the window and another teenager hardened by Hollywood comes up and looks at me with a deadpan expression. I didn’t know if he thought I was ordering or what. He didn’t say anything so I did the talking, two sentences worth of explaining how I wanted my bag, until he gave it to me.

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