Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Vromage – 4/5 Stars

Cheese Shops
7988 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Vegan cheese has come a long way to finding a home in the ‘artisan’ realm! Vromage holds its own, more literally than figuratively, when it comes to ‘artisan’ vegan cheese. Literally, it is the only vegan cheese shop in a driveable vicinity of Southern California. Figuratively, it is the best cold vegan cheese I’ve tasted, but it still tastes like vegan cheese.

Vegan cheese kind of tastes more like its texture than its taste. The brie, cheddar, and gouda at Vromage all have a good creamy texture (gouda was a bit harder) with the essence of each of their respective types of cheese. The cheese offers a very pleasing, hummus-like quality to a sandwich by acting like a yummy spread to a sandwich than the not-cow cheese that I had anticipated and imagined.

Maybe it’s problematic thinking to believe vegan cheese has to taste like ‘the real deal.’ With two of my Yelp friend’s five-star raving reviews, I was expecting to taste a hard cheese from the swollen teat of a poor factory farm cow, however, the reminiscent essence and very soft texture won me over.

Baguette sandwich was $12.50, and like the nice owner, the size of the portions is very French. Don’t come here famished!

Useful:Funny:Cool: 4