Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: 99 Cents Only Store – 4/5 Stars

99 Cents Only Stores
$ Discount Store, Party Supplies
5270 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Free condoms are the bane of the well-endowed.

Free condoms are always small and never large.

Free condoms are well-intentioned but funky.

Free condoms generally suck.

My search for the inexpensive large condom has ended at the 99¢ store. Seriously, large condoms are usually $8+ at Rite Aid or CVS. You can get Lifestyles Kyng condoms in the same shiny wrapper that more expensive Magnums come in at a fraction of the price. Big dicked sluts like me have a reason to celebrate!

For the $8 I would have spent at the drug store, I also got:

99¢ mouthwash
99¢ nasal spray
99¢ ibuprofen
99¢ dish soap
99¢ chocolate-covered graham crackers
99¢ picture frame

Bicycle parking in front!

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