Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Abaya Alternations – 5/5 Stars

Abaya Alterations – CLOSED
$ Sewing & Alterations, Accessories, Women’s Clothing
3233 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Many, many years ago, I had a Spanish grandmother. She died. She died. But before she did, I learned a lesson about accepting other people’s quirks.

Tata, we called her, was temperamental and expressive. After many years of being a Puerto Rican expat etching floral patterns on the ends of silverware at a factory in Brooklyn, she needed to find an outlet for her inner creative rage.

My mother was satan to her. Aunt Nilsa’s hair was set on fire. I smoked my first cigarette at 4 years old. She stuck a dildo in her mouth and jumped into a pool fully clothed.

And then one day she abruptly went to Florida from Brooklyn and had a heart attack on the plane. The passengers thought she was sleeping.

Therese fondly reminds me of my grandmother. So as someone who reminisces about the expressive temperament of old people, Therese still scares me. Keep it simple and uncomplicated and she won’t have a fit!

But if she does have a fit, remember her temperament perhaps indicates a fiery passion that also reveals how good she is at tailoring. She is as reasonably priced and as skilled as the tailors in the downtown garment district.

She may hate you if you challenge her but she doesn’t hold grudges. So don’t take it personal if she hates you because she won’t remember it (or you) the next day.

Useful: 10  Funny: 25  Cool: 6