Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: The Art Institute of California – Hollywood – 2/5 Stars

The Art Institute of California – Hollywood – CLOSED
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5250 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

I sometimes teach here and it’s a bizarre place. I get lectured at by at least one security guard per tutoring session for helping do art.

As someone who teaches photography, video and web design here as a tutor, I feel bad for the students because there is no physical place here to make art. Of course you can schedule an appointment and do art at an Art Institute studio next Monday at 4 p.m. but if you’re feeling spontaneously creative, repress it or else! If you want to film or do a performance, you will have security coming out from inside the building telling you that there’s got to be explicit permission from head of the department to film outside in front of their campus or any of the adjacent buildings. So if you want to do a film project or do a performance, my suggestion to my students is to 1. be guerrilla, 2. do it fast or 3. do it elsewhere, or – or – or 3a. do it at the student apartment buildings as the administration regulating the security seem to be less concerned about the student buildings than they are in front of the commercial buildings. The parking garage is also off-limits.

Also the thing that I can’t get over about expensive for-profit art schools is that usually the people who come from families who make the least amount of money attend them. I recall a teacher telling my class once that the average family of an undergraduate that attends a UC school comes from a family with a WAY higher income than an average undergraduate that attends art school. I’m not trying to say that just teenagers from poor families are the ones who attend art school but it seems that paying A LOT of money and then saying “it’s what you make of it” is the impetus to receiving a good education here, per the positive reviews on Yelp, then I surmise that putting yourself in about $90,000 debt is well worth that kick in the butt to learn Photoshop.

Some people prefer fine dining.


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