Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: ASOS – 4/5 Stars

£ Women’s Clothing
House Hampstead Road
London NW1 2JP
United Kingdom

I don’t support ASOS’s sweatshop practices.
But I am a very cheap person.
So I support their sweatshop practices when I buy their clothes.
I mix and match Goodwill with ASOS.
I look like a rough diamond.

I wonder what would happen if I reported the two fucked up tank tops I’ve gotten and if that would get some of their poor Romanian or Polish sweatshop workers in England a paddling. One strap was shorter than the other. One XS tank top had a couple of more X’s added to the front of that. But still, that was tiny shell casings for a $3 sweatshop masterpiece. So awful…

ASOS is kind of elusive in Los Angeles and that’s kind of why I like shopping here. I’d be surprised if I spent a total of £50 here over the years. And those poor people probably got £5 out of that. ASOS has such an edgy and handsome fleet of jackets, sweaters, and tank tops – at the same time very simple or exceptionally attractive designs and colours, as if I found American Apparel clothes at Goodwill in LA and thank the hipster who got fat and had to give up his clothes. ASOS clothes also fit inside my mail slot.

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