Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Au Lac – 5/5 Stars

Au Lac
$$ Vietnamese, Vegan, Live/Raw Food
16563 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Au Lac is delicious, depending on what you eat here. I would argue the Vietnamese food, specifically their soy fish, is their specialty because it tastes outstanding.

The Spicy Soy Fish with Lemongrass is grilled and has a very soft consistency with the added spice. The lime and lemongrass seasonings worked really, really well with the food. I’ve never eaten a more plausible soy fish entree on its own before. The tofu and tomato soup with dill was very good but less hearty than what I expected from tomato soup. The broth isn’t thick, like most tomato soups I’m accustomed to.

The Chinese cuisine wanes in comparison. The Kung Pao Chicken was average at best. The chicken and the sauce are okay but it tastes as good as takeout at Stix. I wasn’t impressed at all. I’m honestly not even sure why I would order Chinese food at a predominantly Vietnamese restaurant. What can I say? I was naive.

Vegans beware: if you’re set on ordering spring rolls; or a few of the veggie chicken, beef, and seafood options here, you’ll be disappointed to learn they have whey. Although Au Lac has a delicious raw vegan menu, the actual vegetarian menu does not specifically list which “egg-free” foods aren’t vegan. This becomes difficult for strict vegans to choose when about 1/4 of the menu may have whey protein in it. In a histrionic way, that’s like stepping on a landmine if you innocently choose one of the 27 non-vegan options! Fortunately, the servers know which foods have what. Their online menu also lists which foods contain whey.

Useful:Funny:Cool: 5