Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Casablanca Coffee Lounge – 2/5 Stars

Casablanca Coffee Lounge – CLOSED
$ Coffee & Tea, Lounges, Sandwiches
5718 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I’ve come here enough times to warrant a solid review. I actually like this place and how they play 90s rock in the background all the time but I really, really do not like one of their workers.

I’d like to let the younger guy with dark hair who worked Sunday morning August 11th know that giving me $3 change in quarters as a passive-aggressive gesture can cause a chilling effect on this small business.

The cafe was completely empty. I got an iced coffee and asked if I could have some soy with that. He said that soy is 50 cents extra. I told him not for iced coffee. I get iced coffee almost every day and never was I charged for adding soy from here. I presumed he was new because he told me this and I have never seen him before. It wouldn’t have been a big deal to me because it really isn’t but how he reacted to me was what made me want to run out of there really fast.

When I told him there was no soy charge for iced coffee, he got very bent out of shape and proceeded to give me I quote a ‘dab’ of soy milk on top as if I asked for something very exquisite that he was doing me a huge favor for. The total was $2.23 and I gave him $5.25. I assumed he gave me the wrong change or that he charged me the 50 cents anyway because he gave me all quarters back. I said he gave me the wrong change. He said no, pulled out the calculator and argued that I hid my quarter underneath the $5 bill “so I passed it back to you.”

I told him he’s crazy and should not be a barista. He said have a nice day.

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