Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Cinnaholic 4/5 Stars

$ Bakeries, Vegan, Desserts
2134 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Ugh sugar-holic. I am so glad that the toppings and drizzles here cost 50 and 25 cents. I thought the marshmallow drizzle and cookie batter toppings were free the first time. So now I feel happier not having to feel obliged to load this thing with sweet stuff that doesn’t really need it. Their already juicy vegan cinnamon rolls are incredible on their own.

So when I tried this place the first time, I had to combat a mad sugar craving for one of their cinnamon rolls again for like three days. They’re really, really addicting! Like, the amount of sugar in the totality of one of these creations really speaks to the inner fat child. I used to know a girl named Eileen Salyer in high school who would carry around with her packets of sugar that she would rip open and eat like pixie sticks. I don’t know if she still eats packets of sugar but eating this thing reminded me of her pulling these sugar packets out of her purse at Del Taco. She wouldn’t need those sugar packets here!

The toppings included a marshmallow drizzle and cookie batter. Honestly, the cookie batter did nothing to the cinnamon buns. It tasted like something that would be better suited on its own. And seeing that they sell this stuff separately, I can see why. Being married to a vegan chef, I came to appreciate how easy cookie batter can be made and I need to take that to account when I order things that I – as a not-so-great vegan cook – can hypothetically make. Honestly, all someone needs is literally flour, sugar, earth balance and vegan dark chocolate pieces, mix together for three minutes. So I won’t probably get the cookie batter in the future. The marshmallow drizzle made the cinnamon rolls juicier but it was an indulgence that I wouldn’t do again, now that I am in the know…

So to be fair, I really liked this place and came back a second time. And lo and behold, at 8 pm they were selling plain ‘day old’ Cinnaholic cinnamon buns wrapped in plastic for $2.50. They’re normally around $5. They tasted incredible without all of the extra stuff. My friends at the Echoplex, the popular music venue near, many of them starving musicians, liked this place but complained at how expensive the price is. So these day-olds seem to be perfect choice for the locale and don’t taste any different than the not-day-olds like the first time I partook.

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