Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Cosas Baratas – 5/5 Stars

La Barata/Cosas Baratas
$ Discount Store, Furniture Stores, Electronics
5527 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038

I just Google Street Viewed Cosas Baratas / Cheap Things to make sure this is the same store I was thinking it was. I don’t think anyone would know the name of this place by the name itself. It doesn’t have a sign on top of it. But this is the store that I recommend EVERYONE to come to who’s moving to LA for the first time. They’ve got furniture and housing supplies for possibly the least expensive you’ll find anywhere. And it’s big!

I tell people, hey if you need a mop, need a coat rack, need a cheap bicycle, go to this place on Santa Monica Blvd. next to the big abandoned Sears. It has 98¢ painted on it, I think? No it’s the big one. Now this is where Google Street View has helped me to describe it: It’s got like a lot of glass windows that has a massive display of wrapping paper, shelves and tiny microwaves underneath a hand-painted 98¢ ITEMS over a repurposed mid-century sign that’s painted blue. A hand-painted FURNITURE slopes downwards and into the store towards old vinyl signage of television brands SONY / SANYO / FISHER / ZENITH that then leads to TV / VCR / STEREO at the top of the door. I don’t think they’ve got any of these things anymore. Minus possibly -a- TV.

I recently got a collapsible luggage here. Well one wasn’t enough so I came back yesterday and got ANOTHER collapsible luggage. (Who in LA has the room for a 2×3 feet box to sit on a shelf for 11 months out of the year?) The guy who runs the store gives commentary on everything in his store. He speaks English, by the way. It’s funny. And it’s probably the only place outside of downtown LA that has got maybe twenty different types of luggage in very ample supply. They’ve got shelving, beds, like everything for the econo-couple. They’re what killed big Sears across the street! I hope

So if you happen to see an ancillary Cosas Baratas / Cheap Things sign, as you’re strolling eastward on the south side of Santa Monica Blvd, then you missed it. But if you back up, not in a car, and see a lot of glass, a 98¢ sign, and advertisements for nonexistent televisions, then you’re here.

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Business Owner of La Barata/Cosas Baratas