Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Cru – 5/5 Stars

$$ Vegan, Vegetarian, Live/Raw Food
1521 Griffith Park Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

-CURRENTLY- CLOSED with the possibility of opening up again in the future (it didn’t reopen). Their storefront sign, menus and website are still up and their voicemail is still working.

I believe they are fighting with the owners of the property about staying open. So, as of November 13th, 2012, their furniture is still inside. There are also a bunch of papers taped on the front windows in caps-lock that address the locksmiths not to add new locks to the house without the manager’s approval.

The paper also states that:

They (not knowing who ‘they’ are) suspect a possible sale of illegal equipment belonging to the property. If you have been involved in such a sale, please call such and such number.

It sounds like a future court battle.

It makes me wonder what could a raw vegan place sell that would constitute being illegal. My first thought would be something that processes something else that’s illegally raw and vegan. Maybe growing equipment for something green and could be smoked in a non-medicinal way? 🙂

Who knows. But it seems lame and I hope Cru wins this battle and opens again soon. Their raw vegan food is very good. Their caesar salad is my favorite and incredibly rich and tasty.

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