Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Dara Spa – 4/5 Stars

Dara Spa
$$ Day Spas
4369 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

What I loved about this place includes the time that they take to put into working on a massage. I believe most other places shave about 5-10 minutes from the hour massage, but not them. An hour’s massage being one hour is an understatement here! I think mine was closer to 80 minutes long. Don’t come here if crunched on time.

The guy who does massages here is legitimately good. His was one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten anywhere. They have a piece of paper, which you fill out check boxes; one section is how hard do you want the massage to be:

[ ] light pressure [ x ] medium pressure [ ] hard pressure (+$10)

Since hard pressure is a ten dollar charge, I chose medium. And I can’t imagine that massage having any harder pressure than I had gotten. He’s got a lot of stamina and really turned my body into a pretzel.

If it weren’t for the off-putting way in which I was able to get a massage, I would have given Dara Spa five stars. This was the first time I felt ‘Groupon shamed’ for presenting a Groupon! I know they’ve been on that site for a long time and I had basically gone to every other inexpensive massage place in the area except theirs.

For some weird reason when I came in saying I had a Groupon and asked about getting a massage, they quickly announced that there are no same day appointments available for those with Groupons. Why tell me that?! Just say there are no appointments available that day. I got huffy and said that ‘same day appointments not available’ was not on the Groupon terms but I made an appointment for the next day and left.

I was a block away on Heliotrope when the owner called me. She said that they’ll make a special exception with me and squeeze me in that day. I was the only person there. The owner oddly looked up the time of when I purchased the Groupon and then told me that I didn’t have to burden myself purchasing a Groupon right before I came in, as they would have given me the same price as the Groupon offer.

Well maybe your intrusiveness will work in the future because the massage was amazing BUT Groupon was offering a 25% off additional discount, so it was $26 instead of $35, which your investigation did not pan out.

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