Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food – 4/5 Stars

Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food – CLOSED
1277 N Wilton Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Los Angeles desperately needs food stands that are not exclusive to farmers’ markets. This food stand, which can be found at farmers’ markets, does not have a fixed location. That being said, do not go to 1277 N Wilton Place Los Angeles, CA 90028. ‘Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food’ at 1277 N Wilton Place is not open here and looks like has been abandoned for three or four years.

If they make the actual food at this location, delicious things can be made in ugly packages! I really only like the $5 container of Spicy Tempeh. It is incredible. The tempeh is freshly cooked and tender and comes with a perfect amount of spice. I never really get anything else, as I have tried a few other vegetable-based things, but they are forgettable in a Whole Foods salad bar kind of way. Some of the food is pickled and some are pickled vegetables. I think that charging the same $5 price for spicy cucumbers is ridiculous. I tried the cucumbers based on a mistake as a kind of curt longhaired woman at the Silver Lake location once gave me cucumbers rather than the spicy tempeh and left me feeling hungry after eating them.

Useful:Funny:Cool: 2