Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Doomies Home Cookin’ – 5/5 Stars

Doomie’s Home Cookin’
$$ American (Traditional), Bakeries
1253 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90038

My partner and I were trying to remember the names of vegan restaurants we’ve been to a long time ago. And it’s tough! I usually remember vegan restaurants based on their location, cross streets or locale and less the food.

Trying to remember a vegan restaurant based on the food a challenge because every vegan restaurant serves the same kind of healthy fare. No matter how delicious it is, it is usually 75% similar to another place. Real Food Daily and Native Foods might be a little different, not really: quinoa salad versus quinoa burger versus quinoa with kale. I cannot describe the difference between the two based on quinoa, so RFD is always the vegan place near the Beverly Center and Native Foods is the larger vegan chain. And then there’s Veggie Grill, quinoa this, quinoa that. And the million Thai vegan places. Would you like tofu, soy chicken, soy beef or vegetables with your bastardized thai dish?

NOW DOOMIES, Fuckin’ Doomies. This bunny’s nest is in its own realm. It is the NOT HEALTHY vegan restaurant. So if someone were describing the vegan restaurant with the fried chicken and lump of mashed potatoes and buttery corn.

“Oh! You’ve been to Doomies.”

No need to describe the dim and outdated shopping center it’s located in or it being close to Fountain and Vine. It is different enough to not need any of that.

Southern fried food, burgers, ‘secret menu’ burgers and the ellipses goes on and on. While the Big Mac is heavy and will probably last some people a day (come hungry), the fried chicken is incredible. To the chagrin of people who find this disgusting, it has its own soy layer of skin that’s fried. You dissect this thing and eat it to the bone, like a piece of regular chicken.

I remember coming here. Unfortunately, I remember coming here not enough. I’ll come back soon!

Useful: 10  Funny:Cool: 5