Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Doomie’s NextMex

Doomie’s NextMex
1253 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90038

I’ve developed a love-hate for the unorthodox way that Doomies (via NextMex) prepares and serves their food. They fry the vegan meat in the same fryer that they fry their famous fried oreos in! So if something says ‘gluten free’ you’ll likely find oreo bits on a microscopic level giving you the celiac! However, double-dipping vegan meat in a fryer with everything else is otherwise really not that harmful, just strange to think about!

It’s an incredible idea to bring inexpensive vegan street cart-style tacos to a restaurant storefront. Almost all vegan restaurants in LA nowadays barely offer appetizers for $10. It reminds me of a cool vegan taco cart near Zona Rosa in Mexico City called Por Siempre that serves incredible vegan street tacos for $1 each. NextMex sells $3 tacos with options including chicken, chorizo, al pastor, carnitas, and carne asada, so if you’re indecisive about the meat of choice, do tacos first! The vegan carnitas are pretty crispy and good! The al pastor is a juicy option too!

The TWO issues I’ve had is that it took fifteen minutes to get my two little tacos. And then to top it off, the carnitas and al pastor were not so warm upon arrival. It was a big let down! The carnitas have a lot of potential because they taste like they would be incredible had I eaten them without the five minutes of me waiting after they were cooked. They could have been so succulent and delicious. When vegan meat cools, it TASTES like vegan meat. It was a bit hardened and bordered on chewy. The red and green salsas were both kind of bland and not great. I’ve had better salsa at Baja Fresh, ugh. But for the price and what was served, I was still pretty delighted.

I also like that they get a lot of clientele who don’t realize it’s entirely vegan but who aren’t afraid to order once they find out! It’s not so apparent that it’s vegan. It’s an incredible addition and another restaurant, like Doomies, that is challenging the vegan restaurant stereotype.

Due to Oreos in the deep fryer, we cannot guarantee gluten-free meat is gluten-free. Also, no more soyrizo. Qué tengas un buen día! -El Doomie

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