Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Echo Park Lake – 5/5 Stars

Echo Park Lake 
751 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Everyone I know who has lived in Echo Park all their lives are convinced that this lake will fall into a state of slumness in no time.

As I write this review laying on the lush green grass at 6:30 p.m. in the setting July sun, I look in front of me and see two heavyset guys consectively doing ‘girl’ pushups together. I look behind me and see five bicycles stacked against a palm tree with a guy in dreadlocks playing with his friend’s bike bell. I see expensive dogs with good posture on harnesses everywhere and well-behaved children skating well within the sidewalk. What else? Yoga, tai chi, shiny balloons, flannel shorts, jogging, and mostly nobody bothering me. I have yet see a visible crimewave of a sketchy MacArthur park at sunset leaking here anytime soon. This park will be in a state of prettiness until the fountain stops.

I saw a goose.

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