Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Extra Space Storage – 2/5 Stars

Extra Space Storage
Self Storage
4728 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

I’ve waited a very long time to write a review here. It’s located a block from a crazy ex-roommate’s apartment of my spouse who gave him a ‘bill’ at the time for bent window blinds that were already beyond warped. It was a bad situation so we had to get all his stuff out in the matter of a couple of hours before he got home. Extra Space Storage was a block from that apartment and they offered a ‘discounted’ room that was the size of an oddly-shaped broom closet. It was located in a garage and not in the actual storage unit. But it was good for what we needed at the time. Everything else about that storage facility sucked.

The Extra Space Storage garage entrance is literally next to the stairwell that leads to a Section 8 building. Two or three people sit on the stairwell all day keeping eye on what people are bringing into this facility. And somehow, a pile of stuff forms between the stairwell and the entrance to this Extra Storage Space. In front of the people sitting on the stairwell was like a pile of clothes, furniture, and toys strewn between the entrance and the stairwell.

I don’t know what kind of shenanigans happen there. But all I can tell you is that the man who managed this Extra Space Storage was more concerned about us dumping a mattress in front of their building than anything else. Like security or doing something about the pile of stuff already dumped there! After a month, we were getting stuff out of that facility and he asked about our truck. When we told him we were going to walk everything over to where I live (I live a mile away) using a cart, he became really awful to us. He literally followed us for a block yelling at us not to dump the mattress. I said to my partner, “don’t look at him!” because he’ll just keep following us, and once we ignored him, he left.

All in all, the ‘discounted’ rooms are located in an unsecured garage space. At least one of the managers is awful. And the people who sit on the stairwells looking down at the storage facility will see everything you’re bringing in. We literally used this facility for extra furniture and a mattress that aren’t too desirable to steal. But if we had televisions or computers in there, no matter how expensive the padlock we had gotten, all someone would have to do is walk 50 feet through the garage and use a medium strength mallet to break open the flimsy hinge to steal that stuff.

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