Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Fallas Paredes – 4/5 Stars

Fallas Paredes
$ Discount Store
1533 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

I’ve spent a few minutes ruminating on what Fallas Paredes means. ‘Fallas’ translates to ‘Flawed/Defective/Failure’ in Spanish and ‘Paredes’ translates to ‘Walls’. The walls seem to not be ‘defective walls’ so it seems to have something to do with the goods. Maybe it means defective shit that doesn’t sell elsewhere so we sell it for really cheap kind of store en espaƱol – a House of Defective Shit.

SI! Fallas Paredes (House of Defective Shit) is a kind of Spanish Ross – ‘el Rosso’ as a handful of people that I know call it, but with defective shit. It kind of has what Ross has, but a notch more rustic and two notches less expensive. My friend picked up a pair of perfect-fitting and really nice light blue colored 29×32″ Levis jeans for $20 that didn’t pass inspection and had a defective stamp inside of them. To this day, we have no clue what is defective about the jeans.

I’ve gotten picture frames here for $5 or $6 with a less polished quality than the ones that Ross sells for $8 or $9. I’ve also gotten curtains here for $3. But what I am really a fan of is their dollar t-shirts. Yes, $1 t-shirts. They’re the type of t-shirts you can find along the storefronts of the Garment District in downtown Los Angeles but in the Los Feliz area. While a lot of them are quite crappy, there have been some gems I’ve found. They often receive rejected t-shirts from designers and companies for extremely discounted prices, for which they cut the tags of the original designer or brand. I found a cool-colored lemon chiffon yellow t-shirt that was originally a dud from Paul Frank (I believe) for $1. The material was incredibly nice and it fit perfectly. I also found a really nice faded white/burgundy cotton t-shirt, not designer, for $1. It’s one of my favorite t-shirts to this day.

They also sell nice tank tops and other t-shirts with prints for $3-7, which will offer the convenience of a lot less sifting through. But if you have time, check out the dollar racks! The only issue with this store is that there are NO DRESSING ROOMS! I repeat, NO DRESSING ROOMS! But they will not stop you if you want to be an exhibitionist and try stuff on in front of everyone. I recommend bringing a friend to block people from staring if taking off your shirt (or pants).

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