Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Halloween Party at the W Hotel – 2/5 Stars

W Hollywood
$$$ Hotels
6250 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

To sum up the Halloween Party at the W, the top three Halloween costumes were as follows:

1. Nothing
2. Sports or professional uniform
3. Something goofy/stupid

1. Sexy kitten
2. Playboy bunny
3. Slutty (fill in the blank)

The W Halloween Party Tickets were $25 per person and there was loud Top 40 music playing in the lobby. A muted Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis was playing on the projector screen in the patio area.

In conclusion, there are no words that could describe our disdain for those not dressing up or being a sexy anthropomorphic animal at a Halloween party. We were too far from West Hollywood at the time, but should have used the money for a cab ride and back! Security guards, sans the one screaming at some guy for opening the patio gate, you were too nice and lenient to those you let in.

And to the girl handing out leaflets on the patio: the half-off crystal ball psychic readings coupons you gave us were already expired.

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