Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Hollywood/Western Red Line Station – 3/5 Stars

Hollywood/Western Red Line Station
Public Transportation
5450 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hollywood and Western Red Line Station is a station that, yeah, has a Starbucks across the street from it and offers a strangely large and wide pattern of 1990s-esque glossy tiles, but beyond that, it is great station to LIVE near.

While navigating Hollywood/Vine and Hollywood/Highland Red Line stations is to get by a lot of confused tourists, and Sunset/Vermont Red Line is getting by a lot of wheelchairs for the hospitals, and Vermont/Santa Monica Red Line is not tough to get by, but located in a general area that’s tough to get by. Hollywood/Western is uncrowded and easy to get in and out of.

It is small and fast to get to the actual terminal. In the two years I have been using this station, no homeless person or person hanging out at plaza area of the station have bothered me here. Actually most of the vagrants hanging out at the plaza really don’t stay here very long because I think security or police kick them out often.

It takes me 6 minutes to get here from my studio:

  1. I look at my iPhone app that tracks the LA Metro called ‘Next Ride’.
  2. I run or bike three blocks down Hollywood Blvd.
  3. I go downstairs.
  4. I fill my card at the machine.
  5. I go through the turnstiles.
    6a. If I have time, I check my phone at the large empty space after the turnstiles. Reception is good there. When I feel the wind of the train blowing and hear it coming, I go downstairs.
    6b. If I don’t have time, I run down the second flight of stairs.

Right side goes to Downtown. Left side goes to North Hollywood.

  1. I take the train.

There will be crowds of people that will be lingering or confused at the other neighboring stations, but not over here. It is mostly a residential station, thus there is no reason to linger. For those who want to visit something from here, Griffith Park is nearby.

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