Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: La Boba y el Gato Rancio – 4/5 Stars

La Boba y el Gato Rancio
€ Lounges, Gay Bars
Carrer de Cuba, 59
46006 Valencia

Valencia is a slightly more extraordinary place now for having this cafe. I have never been anyplace anywhere around the world that has cultivated thoughtful and stimulating ‘camp’ from gay culture and brought it into a bar and really do it well.

It’s got a nice lounge setup that is more smart than pretentious. We sat between two homoerotic paintings: one of a muscle man in a mirror selfie that was done in a beautiful impressionistic brushstroke painting style. As someone from Los Angeles, I am so used to paintings being in a league of brightly colored pop art types so to see a very European painting style was a breath of aire fresco. So, in other words, it was pleasant to see a mirror selfie from an iPhone. The other painting was an uncut dick underneath a foot. Both were funny and conceptually thought-provoking.


They have frappes, iced teas, gin tonics, tequila and a list of mix drink from €5 upwards and there was one made of fresh lemons, which was delicious. It had quite a hearty layer of “merengue” bubbles. It was not the orange juice and tonic of the local “Agua de Valencia” but it was still good.


The restaurant does not have ‘savory pies’ like on a review I read or any food really for that matter. They give you the queer equivalent of bar nuts, which is a mixture of dried fruits and nuts. Smoothies have all been subsequently crossed out like on the pictures menu. So no more blending. And no more eating for that matter. It’s a shame, I believe because it has plenty of tables for eating.

Sorry for probably bringing all the English-speaking Americans into your bar with the first English Yelp review of your establishment, but you are definitely a charm and worth knowing.

Useful:Funny:Cool: 4