Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Lamill Coffee – 2/5 Stars

Lamill Coffee Silverlake
Coffee & Tea
1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

If I were an extremely positive Yelp reviewer, I would need to justify Lamill charging $7 for a chai. I would consider their ample tables, the friendly (cough, obligatory) table service. I would consider the thought put into the sliver of foam onto the delicately spiced chai. I would consider the cleanliness of the bathrooms and the regal chandeliers and sofa chairs mixed with the luscious ambiance of Silver Lake as a backdrop. I would consider the attentiveness of the waitress and having been given my own shiny black leather check presenter upon paying for my $7 chai. And somehow $7 for a chai would go into the constitution of this amazing dining experience I had at Lamill if I was an extremely positive Yelp reviewer, like a fucking Disneyland ride.


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