Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Little Shanghai – 5/5 Stars

Little Shanghai – CLOSED
$$ Chinese
1010 Cedar St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

I have never, ever, tried a more delicious tempeh meal than that from Little Shanghai Chinese Restaurant.

Specifically the Gan Sao Tempeh which is the very last thing listed on the menu and is one of only two tempeh options here. The crispy tempeh is stir-fried with vegetables and hot peppers and served in a thick sweet sauce that has the same consistency as molasses. The texture of their delicious tempeh wins me to come here on a weekly basis because it isn’t undercooked nor is it chewy or tough. It’s hard to compare the texture to any other I’ve tried because I’m generally don’t eat it.

So this review is simply based on a meat alternative that is made out of soy beans and brown rice. Tem-peh from the latin soy beanus and brown risis. I have looked at their tofu options and they look similar to other Chinese fried-tofu-mixed-with-vegetables fare. Definitely and without hesitation come here and take your risk with tempeh and my word that you will not be disappointed.

Useful: 7 Funny: 3 Cool: 6