Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: My Village Cafe – 2/5 Stars

My Village Café
£ Vegetarian, Vegan
37 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AJ
United Kingdom

If it was MY village, there wouldn’t be so many cows in it. This is literally the cheesiest vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever been in. Who puts cheese over falafels? KURDS.

Well maybe not, I’ve never been to the border area of Western Asia and the Middle East so I am not for certain how much cheese exists there. I once I had a dream I was in these parts. I was wearing the wrong traditional hat and clothes, and everyone was laughing at me at border inspection when my little plane landed.

Anyway, this Kurdish vegetarian restaurant was perhaps more interesting in an ethnographic sense – the decor was very effectively un-western in a way that appeared actually authentic. I last went here about a year ago and the servers/workers were wearing headscarfs and traditional garb, similar in a way that seemed like something that they’d wear any day of the week.

But the food, the food had something left to be desired – it was cheese-filled (not printed on the menu) and jejune, I actually felt like nothing from this village came into existence outside of a plastic container at Sainsbury’s. It was very, in American terms, blah.

But really, I will keep in mind to ask for a falafel with no cheese if I find myself in Northern Iraq.

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