Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Outer Limits Tattoo – 5/5 Stars

Outer Limits Tattoo & Body Piercing
$$ Tattoo, Piercing, Jewelry
2981 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

As my face has broadened, the labret holes I have had pierced here have remained the same since I was 18. I often wonder whether I’ll put the jewelry back in because it makes me feel so different as if I was wearing all black with inappropriate shoes and pomade in my hair, stealing candy from Sweet Factory at the mall in the early 2000s, and being simultaneously yelled at by Trudy and Sherrie for looking incorrect at the mall job I worked at. I looked this way on purpose, fags.

Piercings gave me an air of confidence, in a way that is subliminal to the life I’m living right now. I miss my piercings. I miss the air of confidence that I had that wasn’t forced. Now it’s forced because I’m here. Here, in a mainstream way. I miss the confidence I had when I went to places I should have stayed away from and got black eyes from kicks that weren’t meant for me, smoke being blown in my face in Pomona, watching porn in prom limos, and being committed to an inpatient facility because of aforementioned piercings.

I wasn’t sick. I was rebellious. Micah, I believe his name was, from Outer Limits drew me a tattoo after I got pierced here. It was of a bonsai tree but it was a brutal bonsai tree. The tattoo would have covered my whole back. I didn’t want it, so I flaked on going through with it. He moved to Washington and all my friends with their new tattoos were heartbroken. This was years ago, and I’m not sure whether they’re satisfied with their tattoos still. For a lot of them, X does not equal what it did many years ago. if you know what I mean!

Today, I still like tattoos but I like full-bodied tattoos or sleeves in which there is no focal point but a flood-like intricate pattern. My friend had a race with his then-wife/ex-girlfriend/whatever on who could get the most tattoos and now both have full sleeves and tattoos up to their necks/abdomen/legs. She went upward, he went downward. It’s overwhelming but it’s hot because I wouldn’t even know if either of them had a “bad” tattoo. It’s like looking at graffiti art at a venue or club and thinking, “this is so cool” when in reality, some of the designs are unremarkable but as a pattern, they look so neat.

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