Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Saigon Sandwich – 5/5 Stars

Saigon Sandwich
$ Vietnamese, Sandwiches
560 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94102

All of you Tenderloinians who wrote about how huge this $3.75 bahn mi sandwich is must collectively weigh 100 pounds! ‘Large’ is an overstatement and my ability to eat three of these amazing sandwiches would prove it.

I am from Texas. Just kidding. But this sandwich is definitely not from Texas, nor is it underwhelming nor small in any way. It is a perfect hefty size.

Hefty might be defined in terms of thickness versus length. Saigon Sandwich’s bahn mi sandwich is larger than a burger and a little smaller than half a sub from Subway. Unlike a Subway sub, it makes up in VOLUME. While VOLUME, in phallic terms, is very important, the same holds true with sandwiches. You can have a really long veggie-filled baguette with delicious innards but if the sandwich isn’t thick, I mean PACKED, spilling out from every angle, you can certainly enjoy it but it wouldn’t be very impressive. I prefer both though. Like, the same holds true with the best of the best burritos. I want to hold a burrito the size of my foot and feel almost uncomfortable at the end. With this bahn mi, I want to have to catch every leaf, carrot, daikon, tofu spilling out and me catching it with my mouth and have sauce dripping all over because I don’t feel uncomfortable at the end. There’s no way a pickled veggie sandwich, unlike a burrito, can ever do this to me.

The freshly prepared and amazingly tasty fried tofu is something I cannot get enough of, as well as the incredibly fresh vegetables. The service is very fast too. The lady working there made five different sandwiches for five people in less than two minutes.

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