Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Sango Sushi – 4/5 Stars

Sango Sushi
$$ Japanese, Sushi Bars
27261 La Paz Rd
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

My sister’s best friend works at Sango and the two times I visited this place with my sister, the girl carried a conversation with my sister IN BABY TALK.

“Aww Wamma ewe look so pwetty.”

Am I segregated in a pseudo-rational world from the rest of society where all the people I don’t know casually coo to their best friends when I’m not around? The few other times I’ve overheard other people do it, I didn’t pass them by without shuddering flamboyantly. My mom said it’s normal.

Mom: Girls do those kind of things. She’s young.
Me: She’s 21.
Mom: She’s still young.
Me: You were married and pregnant with me at 21.
Mom: I was mature for my age.

Apparently. Besides a little seesawing in my stomach from acute gastric reflux, my stomach was able to adequately digest their good food here. The rolls are soft and fluffy and the vegetable soup has a slightly sweet broth. The ambience is casual; you order first then sit down and wait for the food. There is no bar here and this place turns busy on a moment’s whim.

To-go is always an option if you happen to overhear the coos of a 21-year-old architecture major. Aww sushi wooshi in a to-go baggy waggy.

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