Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Saturn Cafe – 3/5 Stars (Owner Response)

Saturn Cafe – CLOSED
$$ Vegetarian, Breakfast & Brunch, Vegan
145 Laurel St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

What do you really expect from a diner that is open until 3 a.m.? The cafe is the vegetarian equivalent to a burger, fries, and a shake at Denny’s. The food is decent but nothing to write home about. Besides, specialty chefs don’t work after hours. The veggie burger flippers are tattooed rebels just like the rest of us!

The best part of this diner is the lively after-hours. I followed 30 people here after a straight edge hardcore show at the Porter Soundbox. Needless to say, the tables were filled with lots of people in black hoodies.

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Owner Response:

Hi Chris

Thanks for taking the time to write about us.
I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your food very much.
I wanted to take a minute and reply to your comment comparing the Saturn to Denny’s.

My business partner and I both work really hard at hiring staff members that many places won’t hire purely based on the way they look.

We also spend a lot of time creating a menu that is always fun and sometimes healthy and absolutely 100% Vegetarian. We do our best to pick up organic items whenever we can. I assure you Denny’s does not have an organic house salad. The ice cream we carry comes from a small farm in Santa Barbara that only makes small batches at time. All of our salad dressing is made in house it is never store bought. We even have a house made veggie patty that I think taste pretty good and is totally fresh.

Again I truly appreciate you spending your hard earned cash with us and then taking the time to write about it.

I just needed to say a little about the Denny’s piece.

Hope you have a good day,
Ernesto Quintero