Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Stir Crazy Coffee House – 4/5 Stars

Stir Crazy Coffee House
$ Coffee & Tea
6903 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

I really, really like this place to work. It is always comfortably dim. It is impressive that it sustains the same amount of dimness no matter what time of day or night it is! There are a lot of outlets and the wifi is probably the fastest of any coffee shop I have been to. I think the old guys are funny. Oh, and the drinks! And I think the spicy chai is the best in Los Angeles and never-ending coffee with free refills is incredibly well priced and just as well made.

There are a lot of older guys who fawn over the one particular barista with glasses who reminds me of Lisa Loeb. Seriously, I believe more than half the people who are regulars here come here because they have a huge boner for her. They disappear when the guy with the accent is working later at night. It seems that older guys would not be oblivious that she is just charismatic in a nerdy way to everyone but perhaps they love any positive attention they can get.

After I ordered a drink, there was one 50-year-old heavyset guy with long slicked back and grayish curly hair that came inside quite eagerly. He walked in as if he could not wait to be talked to, the door banged and he loudly began to pace back and forth behind me, like a large lion pacing back and forth in a cage. The steps he made on the wooden floor echoed with his hubris. He was spreading his fat body out, anticipating on talking to the barista while she was making my soy chai.

I concluded that it definitely was some kind of alpha male thing because after pacing back and forth three or four times, he could not wait any longer and went next to the register in front of me. He asked how she was doing while she was turned around. She said “ok.” And he proceeded to say something cheeky about how well his business was doing and then assured her that he will be back later.

Useful: 0  Funny: 1  Cool: 0