Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews: Thai Vegan Buffet in London – 4/5 Stars

Dou Dou
£ Buffets, Vegan
6 Kentish Town Road
London NW1 9NX
United Kingdom

This might be one of the last ‘Tai’ vegan buffets in London; there used to be one in Bloomsbury that closed down. And another in Soho that closed down. I actually remember seeing more of these shops everywhere a decade back. While the food was actually tasty food, there was a tawdry sense of forwardness to get people in the door. The servers were barkers, once they got you in the door, they would hand you a plate and go back outside. And you could hear them yelling outside, pointing to the customer, me, eating their food.

I figured that they probably didn’t give a damn that it was vegan, but made the buffet vegan because they can leave out the food for a long time because old vegan food can’t really make people sick. It doesn’t spoil quite like milk or meat.

Anyway, I am unsure why this one is the (almost last one) standing but hear, hear. It’s got all the textured veggie and soy protein favorites that I have come to like from the other Chinese/Thai-style buffets. It has got, my personal favorite, soy chicken and other soy juicies. Everything is fresh here. Along with stir fried veggies, cold cabbage, fruit and really good rice. Why oh why is there no more of these in not-Camden Town? I mentioned before that sometimes the food is left out for a while. This place seems to freshen up at least a few items an hour. Nothing tasted like it was out, waiting for me to eat it, too long.

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